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Drew Young: Bullying

Drew Young lost some battles but is winning the war. If you’ve ever been bullied, lonely, depressed, or even suicidal, this interview is for you. Drew tells us his story and drops wisdom gems that will inspire you to not only survive, but thrive....

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Interview with Jake Smith: Survivor of Malaria, College Baseball Star, Bachelorette Cast Runner-up, and So Much More!

El Guapo We GUARANTEE you will laugh, cry, and be inspired as you listen to this episode. Always a good time Jake Smith is a SUPERSTAR!!!! Malaria, depression, anxiety, illness, rejection, injury–doesn’t matter. You cannot keep this guy down. Jake figures it out and...

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Interview with Entrepreneur Andy Thunell!! Amazing Story and Awesome Businesses!!!!!

Are you passionate about something? Do you want to start your own business? PAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO THIS INTERVIEW! GET A WEAVESLEEVE!!! Click HERE Run, don’t walk. These are FIRE. Andy’s RAPID PROGRESSION KAYAK SCHOOL: Click HERE ANDY THUNELL was born and raised in...

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Our thoughts on common teen thoughts

“You all have a genius no matter what it is.” And, “everything happens FOR me, not to me.” We discuss our thoughts on the Ed Mylett and Nick Vujicic interview. Pick you head up and BE INSPIRED! Plus, this episode is full of great...

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It’s fun! It’s deep! Today we had the wonderful opportunity to interview Dallon Drake, who has 750k+ on TikTok. He is a wonderful person, and we are so grateful to interview him. Go give him a follow on instagram and Tiktok!Dallon’s TikTok: @dallon_drakeDallon’s Instagram:...

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Interview with Tero from Singapore.

Hello from Singapore! Interview with Tero. Young paleontologist on the move! Instagram: @thehighschoollifeoffivialTwitter: @HSL_OfficialWebsite: www.thehighschoollife.com — This episode is sponsored by¬∑ Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/highschoollife/message

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Show Hosts

Carter and Lewis first met in 2007, when they were about 2 years old.

Over the years they have had many fights and disagreements but every time they have come together to resolve their issues. Good times. Bad times. Together times.

Carter and Lewis are always dreaming big and trying new ventures. When they were 10 years old they attempted a YouTube channel. At 12 years old they started a lawn/window cleaning/car detailing business. But, they refuse to lay down and quit. They will not be stopped. Now, as high schoolers they are steamrolling as a team and they bring you the…

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