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Carter talks about the time he gets swept out to sea…

Today, we talked about life, did some jokes and quotes, taste tested “dabke” from Lebanon. And Carter shares his story of being swept out to sea. Instagram: @thehighschoollifeoffical Facebook: HSLpodcast Instagram: highschoollifeofficial Twitter: HSL_official — This episode is sponsored by¬∑ Anchor: The easiest way...

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Carter and Lewis first met in 2007, when they were about 2 years old.

Over the years they have had many fights and disagreements but every time they have come together to resolve their issues. Good times. Bad times. Together times.

Carter and Lewis are always dreaming big and trying new ventures. When they were 10 years old they attempted a YouTube channel. At 12 years old they started a lawn/window cleaning/car detailing business. But, they refuse to lay down and quit. They will not be stopped. Now, as high schoolers they are steamrolling as a team and they bring you the…

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