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ANDY THUNELL was born and raised in Logan, Utah.

Living the good life.

Living the good life.

He currently works at Utah State University where he went to college to earn a bachelors degree and then later a Masters in Business Administration. At Utah State University Andy works at the Entrepreneurship Center where he helps students start their own businesses.

Also, at Utah State University, Andy runs an amazing program called SEED, which stands for Small Enterprise Education and Development.
Basically, they go to really, really poor countries like Ghana, Philippines, and Dominican Republic and help people that are living on about $1 a day break out of poverty.
Andy and Monica

Completely owning every aspect of life.

You guys will notice as we go through this interview that Andy isn’t only a super smart guy with a cool story, but he has a heart of gold. As he describes his businesses you’ll notice that they not only seem really businesses to have, but that everything Andy does focuses around lifting other people. We talk to him about some of these businesses. We also ask  Andy to tell us about an incredible thing he did for a young, blind musician that he met in Hawaii. You’ll love this story.
Andy and Kuhao

Andy with gifted, blind pianist, Kuha’o.

One of Andy’s businesses is Rapid Progression Kayak School. Andy has combined his passion for whitewater kayaking and entrepreneurship.
Dropping some HUGE falls!

Dropping some HUGE falls!

Don't try this at home!

Hey, kids. Don’t try this at home!

At Rapid Progression he has taught hundreds of people all over Utah how to kayak. I’ve been to his camp several times. It’s amazing.
Rapid Progression Kayak School

Andy’s kayak camp was one of the highlights of my year.

Andy has also started several other small businesses including WeaveSleeve, a business working with artisans in Guatemala helping to preserve their culture of weaving.
Preserving a culture.

Preserving a culture in Guatemala.

Buy a weavesleeve!

The local weavers. How can you not buy a weavesleeve!

If he isn’t busy working on a new business idea, Andy can be found spending time with his wife Monica and playing outside with his sons Elijah, Noah, and Lincoln enjoying nature.

Keeping it real.




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