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Carter and Lewis first met in 2007, when they were about 2 years old. Over the years they have had many fights and disagreements but every time they have come together to resolve their issues. Carter and Lewis are always dreaming up of new stuff to try.  In 2016, they made a YouTube channel, one year later they made a lawn/window cleaning/car detailing business. And together, they bring you the

 High School Life PODCAST

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Lewis Smith

Lewis was born in Arizona in 2005, but then moved to northern Utah in 2007. Lewis is a Sophomore in High School. While he has played a variety of sports, he really loves golf, tennis, snow skiing, and mountain biking. Lewis is an entrepreneur at heart and would love to have his own business someday. In the meantime, Lewis stays busy working multiple jobs (radio station, mowing lawn, soccer referee, etc.), tinkering around with his truck, and making awesome podcast episodes with his buddy, Carter.

Carter Chase

Carter was born in North Salt Lake City, but then moved up to Northern Utah in 2007. He is a Sophomore in High School. Carter swims like a fish. He has played multiple sports, but at the moment, Carter swims for the high school, and plays water polo.  When Carter isn’t swimming or studying, Carter is creating and editing amazing content with his buddy, Lewis. Carter aspires to be a Content Creator and inspire people all over the world. Check out the official High school Life Instagram page and get inspired!

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